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3 Milks-A-Merry Winter Nourishment Facial

Nourishing facial with a side of holiday cheer!

BEST ENJOYED: On a snowy, silent night

THE MOOD: Holiday Hydration

EXPERIENCE: Wash away your winter worries with a hydrating compress of steaming coconut milk.

A green tea infused cream cleanser soothes the complexion and clears the way for our One Fine Day facial polish. Dreary, dry skin doesn’t stand a chance against this whipped exfoliation of sugar and shea butter, which will have you glowing. Let’s balance your skin next with the Will Dew coconut milk mask that calms inflammation and any redness. Lastly, we finish off with the nutrient rich Wine Down Serum top with the Three Milk Moisturizer to protect your newly revealed skin.

Ooo, let us not forget to give gentle attention to your delicate eye area with the age-defying Crow Catcher that reduces the look of all lines in just a few weeks.

*Please let us know if you have any allergies in the booking notes so we can ensure all products will be safe for your skin.