Are you looking for a truly unique experience for your next corporate retreat? At iwa, we work with corporate clients who believe the health and productivity of their employees is key to their success. We offer group spa, wellness and yoga treatments for your team to relax and rejuvenate, and can also provide:

  • Fully equipped state of the art A/V
  • Team building & facilitation services
  • Mindfulness training

Why are corporate wellness programs more popular than ever? Recent studies have shown that workplace stress leads to absenteeism, decreased productivity and lower morale. Sending your team to a corporate spa day is no longer considered extravagant but actually supportive and helpful in relieving stress.

iwa can accommodate groups of up to 50. Have your group relax in our lounge, while you break off to experience spa services from our talented team of professionals. The possibilities are endless – come to us with your idea, and we’ll take care of the rest!

We also offer a POP-Up Spa option. Click here for details.


iwa Spa therapists are all registered or certified in their profession. Receipts for treatments booked with a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) are available for individual RMT services which are being paid for by the guest for reimbursement under many benefit plans. In the case of a third party paying for the Massage Therapy treatment on behalf of the client, and the charges go to a master bill, insurance receipts will be issued as per CMTO regulations: The receipt is issued in the name of the payer, and the description of service will read “Massage Therapy Treatment for _______” (name of the recipient of the Massage Therapy treatment). Receipts are not available for Relaxation Massage or Reflexology services.