Gan•ban (short for Ganbanyoku) provides the unique spa wellness experience you have been searching for. (Gan=rock, Ban=board, Yoku=Bath) is a rock sauna heated to 40-42°C. These  stone beds soothe muscles, accelerate metabolism, eliminate toxins from the body and allow for increased circulation while heating your inner core. Originating in Indonesia, in the last 10 years it has become popular in Japan and Australia with about a thousand gan•ban’s operating. At iwa, we have two gan• ban suites, the first is our studio to accommodate up to 11 people and a private suites for couples or 1:1 private yoga instruction.

The benefits

The range of benefits are broad and consist of:

  • pain relief
  • detoxification
  • weight loss
  • reduced stress
  • boosted immunity
  • insomnia relief

How you use it

Dressed in comfortable athletic clothes or a provided jinbei robe, you will lay down directly on the warm rock bed and relax, that’s it! The rock beds emit negative ions and far infrared rays to deeply heat and detoxify the body. It’s a unique concept which is simple, yet very rewarding:  You lay down on rock stone beds for 15-20min. intervals with a 3-5 min. cool down period between each interval.

How does it work?

The rock is heated up to 40-42c.These are heated by steam from the boiling water underneath the floor. It is only when the stone slabs are heated that they emit negative ions and far infrared rays.

What are far infrared rays?

Far infrared rays are waves of energy that are also emitted from the sun but are invisible to the naked eye. They penetrate the human body and are absorbed by cells causing a number of reactions such as dilation of blood vessels which improve blood circulation, speed up the metabolism and help  eliminate waste.

What are negative ions?

Negative ions are molecules in the air that we inhale without our knowledge and are naturally found in abundance at the beach, in the mountains, near waterfalls, and many other places that people like to go because of its soothing, feel-good effect these surroundings have upon us. Once in our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions; they break down toxins, increase levels of serotonin, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy.