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Skiing + Yoga – it’s a match!

Skiing + Yoga – it’s a match!

We’ve added more yoga classes, to keep you limber all ski season long.

Check out these words of wisdom on skiing & yoga from Yoga Journal: 

Few sports marry the elements of speed and grace better than skiing. Combine the adrenaline rush of hurtling down a slope with the agility of a beautifully carved turn and the sport’s broad appeal is evident. Far removed from the brisk, high-energy land of skiing lies its perfect foil—yoga. Where skiing is fast and risky, yoga is slow and thoughtful. The two sports’ philosophies diverge, yet the physical demands of skiing call out for the counter movements of yoga.

Perhaps the biggest benefit yoga can bring to your skiing is injury prevention. Skiing asks a lot from the body—cold muscles are called upon to perform a variety of functions, while dexterity, balance, and high levels of concentration are also a must. For those skiers who hit the slopes sporadically, these athletic requisites are often too tough, and they can end up injured and disillusioned with the sport. By observing your body’s imbalances, brought on by the particular movements of skiing, and employing a yoga program to bring your body into a state of equilibrium, you can avert injury and participate in the sport for years to come.

So what are you waiting for? Register for a class today and your body will tell you what a difference it makes!

Yoga Schedule Oct 5x5-2

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