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Wellness Tip #1 …..

Wellness Tip #1 …..

Wellness tip #1 : SMILE

In this world of mass communication and endless expert opinions I love stumbling across  those most simple truths that have survived the ages. This simple truth is that the more you smile, the more you laugh the better you feel! Duh… thank you Einstein, I hear you thinking. There are lots of great articles about the benefits of smiling and laughing more – such as the release of endorphins, your likability, attractiveness and approachability all increase when you smile and yes a simple smile can even help your immune system! So why don’t we all walk around like weird Stepford wives with perma planted grins???  What if I just don’t feel like smiling and would much rather scowl….  after all a scowl feels pretty good to me sometimes and a smile cam take more effort!  So… here is my simple tip – next time you feel like delivering that awesome scowl stop yourself and smile. Yes, when the line up you are in is moving slower than any other, when you are cut off by a rude driver, when your teenager looks at you like you have 3 heads… 🙂


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Michelle Ubell

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